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Phonobase : Early Gramophone Records
and Phonograph Cylinders On-line Database

Wax, celluloïd and shellac


Phonobase : gathers sound excerpts and photos taken from early commercial cylinders and records made from 1888 to 1920 approximately, and distributed in France and Europe mainly.
It contains also amateur and private recordings made during the same period on wax cylinders.
Photos and audio tracks are watermarked. Complete unmarked audio and photos are available upon request for broadcasting or publishing purposes.

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Operating instructions and examples

On the search page to discover a containing related for instance to automobile, type the word "automobile" in the Simple search area.
- If you are just looking for a title which contains the word "Automobile", type the word "automobile" in the area named Title.
- One can refine the search by filling two or more search areas : while typing "automobile" in the Title area, et le singer's name "Dutreux" in the Performers area, one gets the available versions of the Chauffeur d'automobile sung by Dutreux.
- If one clicks only "auto" in the Simple search area, one gets much more results, including the words "automatique", "automne", "édition autorisée", "phonautographie", etc.

Anyway, when one have typed a question one clicks on the Y'en a ! button.

On the results page, one can sort alphabetically a column by clicking on images and .
- The image is displayed when one or more photos of a recording is available.
- Any word displayed in blue can be clicked on. Clicking on Details gives access to a complete file displaying all available references of a recording plus a link to the audio file, photos, and lyrics when available.
- There is no table of authorities. To get datas one must have an initial question at least. This question will contain one word at least, or even one letter in the Simple search area for instance.

Phonobase among Europeana Collections

Phonobase on Europeana Sounds : a part of the Phonobase metadatas are agregated on the Europeana Sounds and sounds can be accessed through this platform which gathers numerous other audio sources.

Phonobase on Europeana Radio : one also can discover the Phonobase sounds by listening to them randomly through the Europeana Radio tool.

Base de données : Henri Chamoux - Programmation : Vincent Alamercery. Avec le soutien de :

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